In a time dominated by "Inner Party", thinking is a crime. In a place where it is not even known what is true, Winston Smith begins to write a diary and with the simple fact of putting the pen on paper, triggering a series of events that make him question the very foundations of reality, to discover the existence of a group of dissidents known as "The Fraternity", but above all to find a woman named Julia and to experience a love that revolutionizes his mind and his life. But Big Brother is watching, Big Brother is always watching...

Season: July - September 2019

Dramaturgy: Based on the novel 1984 by George Orwell

Adaptation: Robert Icke y Duncan Macmillan

Direction: José Manuel López Velarde


Cast: Anton Araiza, Constantino Morán, Vanesa Restrepo, Evan Regueira, Alfredo Herrera, Angie Vega, Terence Strickman, Alberto Eliseo y Julieta Luna.