Constellations is a fascinating romantic journey that calls into question the difference between decision and destiny. Do we have a path already designed in this life? Or do our decisions mark the direction our lives will take? Rolando, a relaxed rooftop beekeeper, meets Mariana, an intense, intelligent physicist. While the characters meet in a succession of scenes, the author repeatedly shows different ways in which their encounters might have, or not happened.

A delicious acting challenge that shows how love does / does not exist. Talk about the symmetry of time and space. Free will and destiny. Of the possibility of possibilities. Of love in a quantum plane. Of death and life in a circle without beginning and without end, of the many first things and the last many ... of the Universe with a symphony of vibrating strings and a cosmic music governing it.

Seasons: Sep. 2015 to Dic. 2015
Jul. 2016 to Sep. 2016

Playwright: Nick Payne

Direction: José Manuel López Velarde

​Cast: Mónica Huarte and Nacho Tahhan.

​Producers: Alonso Pineda, Mónica Huarte, Oscar Carnicero y Raúl Avila.