In a few years, the world may be the same as today, it may be worse, it may have changed a lot or maybe a small change makes the world feel different. Today is a black day.
The story takes place in the penitentiary of Huntsville, Texas where a group of people have gathered on a more than special day on this rainy day. Between reporters and protesters waiting for confirmation of something that has been expected, celebrated and disqualified by more than one: An execution by death penalty. ​

In the interior of a waiting room is the prosecutor EMMA SOLÍS, an attractive and imposing woman who has waited for this day after a controversial and famous trial that has gone around the world. When Emma receives the call from her ex-husband Frank, announcing that her eldest son Alex has hit a schoolmate, after receiving a racist insult about his Mexican origin. Emma establishes what are the high expectations she has for her son, her upbringing and who she hopes it will be in life. Such frankness and hardness is interrupted by the priest MICHAEL BANKS, a good-natured-looking man who has been summoned to hear the confession of the man sentenced to death.

Season: Oct. 2018

Playwright: Reynolds Robledo

Direction: Enrique Singer

​Cast: Ludwika Paleta and Hernán Mendoza

​Producers: La Teatrería Producciones y Lobos Producciones