A family has to learn to rediscover itself after a traumatic event changed their lives. But what happens when one of them decides to publish a book about what happened? Now more than ever they will have to celebrate life, see the world as a museum, choose the right door and assimilate that on the worst day of their life, on the other side of the world, it is someone else's best day. ​

Sleepwalkers is a meeting of five characters looking to be happy, trying to turn the page in a world that has already done and where now you have to write a new chapter, but to do it first you have to wake up.

Season: Ended Sep. 20th 2016

Playwright and Direction: Reynolds Robledo

Dirección: Diego del Río

​Cast: Mónica Dionne, Hernán Mendoza, Paloma Woolrich, Arantza Ruíz, Pablo de la Rosa and Aranza Ruíz.